Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider can be a more important decision than most people realize. Many times I run into clients who just didn’t know that was not the same as It is a major difference. Whenever I find someone using I always recommend they change to When you do that you must pick a hosting provider. That is something that does for you. They also limit the number of options you have to design your site and the functionalities on it. All of their paid level accounts are a bad deal in my opinion. Even someone who doesn’t know coding or even much about the Internet can do better with just a little looking around and comparison shopping. Then you have hosting providers who are fly-by-night and do not offer any amenities at all and you are lucky if they even keep the sites up much less provide cpanel or whm.

Any hosting provider should provide cpanel or whm depending on the level of account you get. I always recommend that people check around and read reviews of hosting providers they are considering before they decide. Another big factor in my book is the level of service you can get. I have seen providers with terrible service that charge more than providers with excellent service. It pays to look around.

Over the years I have been very happy with To check them out just click on the ad in the sidebar. I do make a commission on that. I also make one on They are two hosting providers I have no problem in recommending. Both are reasonable on their price. tends to be a little cheaper but has the better service. I really like that inmotion has all of their service right here in the U.S.A. There is never a communication problem for me. I have used them for several years now and plan on continuing to do so. On the other hand many just want the cheapest good hosting out there and for them I recommend They still have good service and provide the features that most will use.

If you have been building websites for a while you will no doubt have seen articles linking back to inmotionhosting. They are a recognized authority and anything to do with hosting and they are very good at what they do. I picked them years ago mainly for the fact that their service was all in the U.S.A. I found that they had great service on top of that fact and have been a happy customer for at least 8 years. I have placed clients with both inmotion and namecheap and have had good results. I can’t say that about clients with many other hosting providers. When you find a good one you stay with them. There are others out there who are also good but in my experience these are the two that I like the most and thus they are the ones I recommend.

The main thing to get out of this article is to do your research before picking a hosting provider. See what they provide. Don’t get sucked in by a big discount at the start, see what they will be charging the next year or after that discount times out. That being said most providers will provide a discount when starting an account and both inmotion and namecheap do that. Just follow the links I provide above or in the ads to the right.

I hope this has helped a little with your decision.