As a Web Developer I have worked on many different types of websites. I specialize in WordPress but am comfortable working on several CMSs. I have a real love of Web Development and find the constant learning to stay current very enjoyable. Finding answers to the problems of my clients is something I enjoy doing. All the little details that come together to make a great site or to fix a site with problems or one that has been hacked make my job an adventure.

Here are a few of the sites I have done.

Click on any of the pics below to see the actual sites. All names and pictures are links.


Direct Clients:


Upwork Clients:



Sites Migrated to WordPress:

The Smart Pup (site not currently up)
GI Ranch (site not currently up)

That Company:

The final look and feel of the That Company websites was done by a talented graphic designer, Izaak Hale who taught me quite a bit. He came in to fine tune the graphics on the company sites once I had the sites up and running in WordPress after migrating them from Joomla and keeping their original look.

A Sampling of Client Sites I Set Up While at That Company:

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