Our Services

Here is a listing of all of the our services. You can click on any of them to go to a dedicated page.

Web Design:

Whatever you need in Web Design we can supply. Design a site from scratch, migrate a site to WordPress or redesign an existing site. Ecommerce, company site, blog site, whatever type of site you need just let me know.

My specialty is WordPress.  I am happy to work with other CMSs and have done a lot of work with Joomla and coded sites.  However, I have done most of my work with WordPress and have become very familiar with its ins and outs.  It is my preferred CMS.

All sites are done in a responsive design so the new site will look good on whatever device anyone is using.  All sites will have security measures in place, SEO in place, be configured with SSL, be optimized for performance and have the latest versions and updates of the CMS and plugins or extensions.

Just need some work done on your site? Give me a call. I can fix what you need and also give you a free review of your site.

Site Maintenance Contracts:

These are yearly contracts to keep your site or sites updated along with all of the associated plugins or extensions. If you have several WordPress sites, for example, I will group them into a MainWP installation so they are all accessible from a single point and then keep them updated and upgraded through that access. This insures that your sites are kept current and do not get out of date and more likely to be hacked.  This also means that your sites are being monitored in case problems come up.

Site Optimization:

Get your site optimized for performance, security, SEO and responsiveness.  When your site loads faster, is secure, responsive and has SEO in  place it will translate to a better and safer user experience.

Hacked Sites:

I can help with your hacked sites. Any type of site. Specialize in WordPress but have also worked with Joomla and coded sites quite a bit. I work on an emergency basis to get a site cleaned and back up as quick as possible. I also do a thorough scanning and evaluation to discover how the site was hacked and give advice on how to prevent hacks in the future. If you don’t get a quick answer with email then go ahead and call. I understand that sometimes when a site is down or badly hacked that it needs to be fixed ASAP. Call any time at (352) 239-4518.


Domain and Site Hosting:
I will no longer be offering hosting services. I am referring all my clients to InMotionHosting. I have been using them for my own hosting for years. They are an authority on hosting, network and site issues. They have great support and it is all U.S. based. Please click on the add at the bottom of the sidebar to learn more or to get a great hosting package.

For those looking for the cheapest solution.  Not all hosting providers are created equal.  I have found the best discount provider to be NameCheap.  Though I prefer InMotionHosting for my own sites I frequently also recommend NameCheap as they provide a good full service hosting account.  Just click on the link to the right  at the bottom of the sidebar to check them out.

SEO, PPC and SMM Campaigns Available:

SEO, PPC and SMM Campaigns are available. If you have need of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), or SMM (Social Media Marketing) campaign let me know and I can get you a quote depending on the extent of the campaign you want.